In collaboration with Henri Selmer Paris, I tested out the solidity and reliability of the Privilege Evolution clarinet during concert duets with organist Brice Montagnoux in some truly extraordinary situations! The new Privilege Evolution model from Selmer provides a perfect response to the demands of my rich and varied art.

This innovation, which is based on an interior lining process that uses next-generation resin, offers better instrument stability and longevity, whilst preserving the acoustic qualities of a traditional wooden clarinet. Able to meet the challenges of playing at an altitude of 1,300 metres, in a cold, dry climate, or at temperatures in excess of 35°C, the Privilege Evolution clarinet is fully resistant to variations in temperature and humidity, while still retaining the qualities of sound and contact with the noble wood, which is a real advance in instrument making.

I appreciate this instrument’s quality sound projection in each concert, regardless of the venue or the formation with which I am playing. The Privilege Evolution clarinet adapts to any situation, while allowing each musician to create their own sound identity. Its consistency across every register, its harmonic balance, its timbre and its tuning stability make this clarinet an excellent instrument and a wonderful playing partner.

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